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Layflat Books

Beautiful and functional, Layflat Books are handmade using the same methods as heirloom albums. It's an eye-catching coffee table book filled with your favorite photos.

The Bella

20 pages/10 spreads

20 pages/10 spreads



100% natural linen is one of nature's sustainable eco materials and is soft to the touch with a natural weave and texture. Our linens create a non-leather, high-end, luxurious cover.

Linens 1.png
Linen 2.png
linen 3.png

Distressed Leathers

A natural full hide leather that is hand sanded, making each cover unique in its rustic and distressed look but soft to the touch. This leather shows natural characteristics such as healed scars, insect bites, and brands.

Distressed Leather 1.png


Classic and timeless, Bookcloth has a tighter fabric weave than the linen cover materials and has been a longstanding textile choice for fabric book coverings.

Bookcloth 2.png
Bookcloth 1.png

Vintage Leathers

Our Vintage Leather is a leather alternative material that is soft, smooth, and luxurious—an excellent sustainable option to pair with any of our debossing fonts.

Leather 1.png


This silk textile is imported from Japan with a beautiful sheen and texture showcasing a natural weaving.

Silk 1.png

Faux Leathers

Non-leather materials in bold color.

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