Why Hello There, Beautiful…

My name is Cristina and I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in El Paso, Texas. I started out photographing children in 2006 with zero intentions of photographing weddings. A couple of years later, I photographed my first wedding as a favor to a client and well… I fell in love. Yes, it was as crazy as I had imagined but also so fulfilling to be able to tell an entire story through my eyes. There’s something uniquely lovely about being allowed on the inside of a special day while remaining invisible at the same time. The the older I get, the more special it all becomes.

I’ve photographed weddings in Las Vegas, Marfa, Ruidoso and both Tulum and Dolores Hidalgo, Mexico.

I am…

a child of God. Without His Grace, I am nothing.
a wife to the amazing man who first said, “You should put your photos online and see where it takes you.” He was right.
a mom to three fun and beautiful kiddos who I photograph often as I can. They will forever be my favorite muses.
a daughter to two amazing parents who have supported me my entire life.
an evolving artist with a passion for telling stories and stopping time as often as I can.

Perhaps I can do the same for you?