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Hello lovers,

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you found your way over here because you love big and you are so ready to capture it. Like you, I have a full life. I'm madly, deeply in love with life and the people I share it with. 


I was born and raised in this special border city until I moved to Redondo Beach, California after I married the man who asked me to dance on my 21st birthday. We stayed long enough to come home with a baby. Now we have three.


The more full my life has become, the more I believe in what I do. I truly believe there is something very special about properly documenting the milestones and capturing the love we share. I hope you feel that way, too. 






  1. The night sky

  2. Laughter (And the witty, sarcastic people who provide me with it.)

  3. A strong cup of coffee.

  4. Music (Loud. Windows down.)

  5. Hammocks 

  6. Movies (And screw the diet, I'm getting popcorn.)

  7. Sunsets

  8. Worship

  9. Listening to people tell their story

  10. Twinkle Lights


For more bits and pieces of my messy, beautiful life... follow my personal Instagram account or follow on The Messy Beautiful blog

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