Each session is different and has different needs. Maternity sessions are the shortest sessions which can work beautifully in the last 30 minutes of available light. Family sessions needs safe room and space. Engagement and senior sessions could use a bit more variety.  Together we can decide the best place for your session.


MEMORIAL PARK – This location is off Copia in Central El Paso in a pretty historic district. This park offers the most shade when it finally becomes green in the summer. Weekdays are best here as it is busiest on the weekends.


U.T.E.P. – UTEP offers a lot of great variety.  I know the super green spot that’s great at Sunset. Plus, there are nice steps, trees, a desert garden and other backgrounds we can use, too. This isn’t good for sessions you’d bring props to as it requires walking. Plus, some days are better here than others. Concerts, football games and other events can mean that we choose a different day to shoot there. However, it’s one of my favorite locations as it has a lot of variety all in one spot!
DOWNTOWN/LIBRARY/DOUBLE TREE – The green spot I use downtown is near the Double Tree Hotel. Usually great for couples sessions where we will also want to walk around downtown within that area. The ballpark is close by which means we need to check baseball schedule for a good time to shoot there. There are great areas to shot around the ballpark there, as well. Another option is to shoot at The Double Tree’s balcony. Although getting permission ahead of time would be needed.  Perfect for engagement/senior sessions.


CORONADO COUNTRY CLUB –  The Coronado Country Club is closed on MONDAYS! Which makes Mondays the perfect time to shoot there. No golfing to worry about.If you can do a sunset session on a Monday, this is a great option. Great for all types of sessions. The view is gorgeous.


UPPER VALLEY –  I know of a couple of places off Sunset Road that I’ll often use for portrait sessions. However, during mosquito season… it’s generally not good for small children…or adults for that matter. Definitely need to time it before Mosquito session hits and it’s just gorgeous in the fall.


McKELLIGAN CANYON – Lots of cement and gravel but there’s a cute spot where you can still shoot a family session.  Blankets, however, are needed for sitting on the gravel. Sometimes I can take a cute chair, too.


HEY, HEY, it’s MY BACKYARD:) – Yes, I have a big backyard located on the east side which I’ve photographed in before.  It’s great for shoots with small children. It’s also great when you need more of a propped session. Cake smashes are great here. Since it’s my home, I can hang various backdrops here, as well.


FAR EAST DESERT – A few of my favorite maternity sessions have taken place in a far desert location that I know well. These sessions have to take place right as sunset. Best for short sessions, like maternity. It’s quite the drive though if you are coming from the west side.


ARDOVINOS DESRT CROSSING – Not much green but gorgeous desert and quirky backdrops. Love these for engagement and senior sessions. Plus, a great place to eat after your shoot!


This list keeps growing as I remember my favorite spots. Hope it helps you in decided where you’d like your outdoor shoot to be.

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