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The Princess with the Short Hair

Just a random and recent frame.  Yes, I have the loveliest little subjects in which to test my light and that makes me so happy.

I have much to blog and so much that I’m working on.
I even have a long blog post in the works of this little one when her hair was still long.  When we cut it (which was an absolute necessity), my Husband looked at her and called her his Princess with the short hair and she beamed at the title.  Yes, to my surprise, the cut actually made her feel special and a bit more grown up. So the shorter hair will be here for a while.

OH and before I listen to the bed, which at 2 am is desperately calling my name, I want to let you know that if you’re on Instagram, so am I! It’s my new obsession and much better than Facebook if you ask me.  You can find me HERE and I update often.
See you there!



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