• Hello and welcome to the CNP blog.

    Welcome to the CNP blog. Blogging was on hold for quite a bit. I was busy updating the business side of things and truthfully, I also was deciding the direction of this blog.

    As with all things, the blog had evolved. It turns out, I could write a decent story and while my heart was pulling me in that direction, time and structure was not on my side. So this blog remains. Only now, it will strictly be a place for lots of images, updates, sneak peeks… and very little words.

    I have a personal blog in the works which will be a home for personal images and thoughts; a place that’s all mine; a place to share stories.

    Keep this on your blog list as it will be updated often which is why I’m here in the first place… a good photograph.

I love that I was able to photograph these two lovely little ladies again. I love how they came over to my place (which is not far from their place:)  But what I really, really love about photographing at my little Casa Rosa is that it gives me a a bit more control.  Control is something I don’t have in the same way with weddings or other portraits. Don’t get me wrong, my aim is still that these sessions are less about structure and more about fun. However, when I’m in control, I get to makes sure that’s the case.  It’s just funny how that works. Of course, now that I have this type of control, it also means I am up all night brainstorming on ways to make what I want to happen, happen.

I’m not going to lie. I like that problem a lot.



So I’m calling the sessions that take place at my home (childhood/maternity/newborn/mommy & me) the CASA ROSA SESSIONS because I don’t like saying “my studio” or “my home”.  While it is my little makeshift studio and it is definitely my home, both don’t seem to describe it quite right. So, since this place is the palest shade of pink, Casa Rosa it is. This makes it fun for me to say and easier to define. A childhood session can take place anywhere but the childhood sessions here at Casa Rosa involve a little inside and a little outside with a focus on a child’s simple beauty and their spirit of exploration.  It’s definitely NOT about trying to cram in every shot you can think of into one shoot. It’s not about achieving the ultimate group shot. It’s not about Pinterest. It’s about the spirit of the individual and capturing that spirit as simple as possible. So I’ve worked hard (along with my lovely Husband) to make this place my ideal place to shoot. It’s a work in progress but it’s totally getting there!

So, that being said, I just LOVED photographing Cami for her three year old pictures. Her energy is a.bun.dant. I want just a small fraction of that energy for Christmas this year. I mean, is that possible? Not to mention this is one of my favorite ages to photograph. Children are just so honest and entirely themselves. I can’t help but love that about them. It’s the best thing ever.

So cheers to Miss Cami and her many expressions. Cheers to jumping on the bed and eating M&Ms off the grass (yes, we did that, too). Cheers to childhood forever.