It’s official.
Dance recitals make me want to take photographs.

What’s not to love about those costumes, right? Oh you beautiful dancers, you. Forget the hours of practice it takes to nail a performance. I’m all about the photogenic clothes. And, in this case, my photogenic niece, as well.

After my niece’s summer dance recital, I asked her to come over so that I could play with my camera a bit and photograph her just for the glorious fun of it.

The glorious fun of it… hmmm…
Now that I’ve said that out loud, I now wish every portrait session had that “for the fun of it” feel to it.  Rather than someone booking me for a portrait session, the new thought would be, “I’d like to book you for some some fun camera time.” Okay, there’s probably a better way to word that. How about playsession? Or playshoot? Regardless of how it’s worded, playtime is the best time and wording it something less formal would change the whole dynamic, wouldn’t it?

Maybe then, it wouldn’t just be the dancers that get to dance during their shoot. Maybe we all would.
And that, my friends, would be awesome.


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Dear Karla,
I had the opportunity to photograph your beautiful baby boy and oh my goodness…
he is magic.

He woke up from a short nap to find me, a complete stranger, staring at him.

And yet it was his eyes that pierced into my soul.

He knows he’s special and he should.
After all, he carries you in his heart.

Yes, I wish things were fair.
I wish things made sense.
But cancer isn’t fair and it doesn’t make sense.
I’ve said this before and it’ll always be true.

Some people don’t get the opportunity to leave behind a tiny piece of hopeful magic before they leave this Earth. Some people don’t get to see those tiny eyes pierce into their soul.

But you did.
You held on and you were strong.
You forever will be a heroine.

No, it’s not the way you planned and I wish it were different; as I’m absolutely sure those who love you do in ways that are deep and true.

But the gift of a legacy… your legacy… he beams with beauty and adventure. He will feel close to you all the days of his life and I hope to visit him again someday soon because it was my honor.

Humbly yours,


  • Mae - That was beautiful. He is beautiful. You continue to be placed where God feels you are the most needed… I’m so glad this family has you….ReplyCancel

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