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Love in New York

Oh, to have the opportunity to capture some love in New York City.

The crisp air bit at our noses as we rushed to make the most of the light that evening. Since our plan A didn’t work like we had hoped, we felt a sudden urgency to act quickly in order to capture the gorgeous grounds around us. Man, it was pretty.

We crunched through The Cloisters and laughed at the awkwardness of kissing in front of strangers. We had an outfit change in the middle of the garden. We chased the light through the trees.

Then, as the sun faded, so did our need to rush.

After all, sunsets have a way of hushing the soul as we inhale those final-minutes of light as deeply as possible.

Even when I’m shooting, I’m painfully aware of what’s at stake. I wasn’t getting this moment with these two back again and neither were they.  And, personally, who knows if I’ll ever be back there at all. To be there this time, was an unexpected opportunity for which I was grateful.

So, we did our best to pause and watch the sun set over the Hudson River. And they held each other until we had to walk away and get back on the subway.

Well, first we walked, then caught a bus, and then a subway. It is New York, after all. Gotta love it.