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I got a text from a friend who is self employed but found herself taking care of a baby for a week.

She failed to respond to a text I sent earlier in the week. It wasn’t anything urgent; I just needed to follow up about a client to settle a debate. Since text is the new email (yes, I say this often), it wasn’t something I needed an immediate response to. If I did, I would have done the communication bomb which consists of text, call, text, text again with a dozen emojis, text a friend to text that friend, call, then a Facebook message until she called me back. Ah, communication.

Well, I didn’t communication bomb her. I waited. Once she was baby free, she texted back apologizing for the delay and said she has a newfound respect for Moms with businesses. She didn’t get how we can have clients, family, social lives and sanity at the same time. My reply, “We don’t.” At least never all at the same time. Usually something has to go. It’s usually us…sadly. The ball can definitely get dropped on getting ready, responding to email (or any other form of communication) and being on time to everything. Oh, and definitely the laundry. Yeah, laundry is the worst. Juggling is the hardest thing. Especially when our kiddos are still at home with us and they really don’t care about what other things we are supposed to be doing that day.

Her response was,
“Either way, moms are awesome.”

I won’t argue with that.

That’s why I love sessions that celebrate motherhood.
Motherhood is a crazy job. A beautiful, amazing, drive you nuts, teach you a ton of things about yourself you never knew, super special and rewarding kind of job. It’s worthy of celebrating, documenting and supporting in any way we can. Cheers to the Mommas. We’re making it happen one crazy amazing day at a time.



Sometimes as creatives, you just have to get together and make the ideas in your head come to life. Stylized shoots are great opportunity to explore what’s possible and to showcase the talents of local wedding vendors. I, personally, love shooting them. So when Marissa Morales of SelaroM Events and Mayra Rodriguez of the Photo Bus EP approached me with their idea, I was all in. Together they enlisted the help of a whole slew of creative local vendors (all listed below) with whom this shoot would not have been possible. All of that said, what I loved the most about the shoot was that we were able to photograph a real couple (yay!) and they were the sweetest together. Truly, it was a pleasure to photograph them and to be able to give them some images of them together surrounded by a scene that was, in essence, created for them. Eddy and Sarid, you guys are bomb*com. Thanks for allowing yourself to be free in front of the lens.

I can’t say enough good things about this experience. I can only say thanks appropriately this time with pictures instead of words.



Stylists: selaroM Events
Stylists & PhotoBus: The Photobus EP
Hair and Makeup:Nicholas Reyes Hair Salon
MUA: Leila Soto with Nicholas Reyes Hair Salon
Tux: The Tux Shoppe and Boutique
Flowers: Black Swan Wedding Stylist
Accessories: Dulce Alexandra
Cake: Honey Bee Cakes
Backdrop and Vintage Furniture: Glammed and Enchanted Events
Dress: Bridal Novias

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I’m happy to announce that I’ve partnered with Minted to offer my clients an even bigger selection of beautifully designed cards. I love Minted’s thick luxe paper and modern designs. I also love that they offer cards for all occasions. They are a perfect choice for gorgeous save-the-dates, birth announcements, thank you cards, and of course, Christmas Cards.

HOW IT WORKS: You are welcome to use the images you’ve purchased from our photoshoots together. I’ve featured some lovely designs in my Minted Storefront, but you’re welcome to browse through the site and choose your own favorites from their many designs. Then, let me know which images you’d like me to upload to my storefront and I’ll do that for you!  You’ll receive an email that they are ready for you to use in your design. Super simple. Once it’s ready, just place your order through my storefront and you’re good to go!

Just another awesome option to get those images off your computer and in print!

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